Friday, April 10, 2015


9:00 Welcome - Paul Alivisatos (Director, LBNL)
9:15 Introduction and Goal of Symposium - Kai Vetter (Program Head, LBNL; Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley), Joonhong Ahn (UC Berkeley)
9:30 Perspectives from Koriyama City - Mr. Shinagawa (Mayor, Koriyama City)
10:00 Radiological Responses to Fukushima at the Japanese National Institute of Radiological Sciences - Kazuo Sakai (Director, Radiation Protection, NIRS, Japan)
10:30 Open Discussion / Refreshments Available
10:45 Radiological Resilience Perspective at the U.S. National Council for Radiation Protection and Measurements - Brooke Buddemeier (Health Physicist, LLNL)
11:15 Berkeley Radwatch - Ryan Pavlovsky (Graduate Student, Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley)
11:45 Introduction of the Institute for Resilient Communities - Kai Vetter (Program Head, LBNL; Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering, UC Berkeley)
12:00 Opening Ceremony - Institute for Resilient Communities / Lunch Provided


13:30 Perspectives from Univ. Tokyo on Radiological Resilience and Beyond - Hiroyuki Takahashi (Vice Dean, College of Engineering; Professor, Univ. Tokyo, Japan)
14:00 Overview of Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute, AIST (FREA) - Kinya Sakanishi (Deputy Director-General, FREA, Japan)
14:30 Earthquake Resilience – Stephen Mahin (Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UC Berkeley; Director, Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center)
15:00 Health Effects and Resilience – Gary Karpen (Director, Life Science Division, LBNL)
15:30 Open Discussion / Refreshments Available
15:45 Urban Sciences & Resilience – Mary Ann Piette (Director, Building Technology and Urban Systems Division, LBNL)
16:15 Bay Area Resilience Activities - Panel Discussion, Timothy Burroughs (Chief Resilience Officer, City of Berkeley), Craig Strang (Associate Director, Lawrence Hall of Science, UC Berkeley), Kyoko Sato (Associate Director, Program in Science, Technology, and Society, Stanford University)
17:00 Summary and Plans Forward - Rebecca Abergel (LBNL)
17:30 Reception (By Invitation Only)


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